The hiking experience for all senses

Migros Hiking Sounds challenges not only your musical senses, but also your soles.

The biggest hiking festival in Switzerland 2023 - the third round

From June to September, Swiss music stars perform their hits on the mountain stage again this year with an unforgettable panorama. A variety of attractions and beautiful landscapes await you on the hike towards the stage.

The love of nature is a basic principle of Migros Hiking Sounds and is already evident in the festival planning: For the selection of the hiking routes and the construction of the terrain, Migros Hiking Sounds works intensively with local farmers. This ensures that the environment is not affected and that natural resources remain protected.

In addition, regional agriculture is supported by involving local farmers and producers in the planning and implementation of the festival. Using resources and promoting sustainability, this should also become established in the event industry in the future.

Live music with breathtaking panorama
Arrive relaxed at festival

Carpools for the love of nature

The partnership between Migros Hiking Sounds and Hertz is also intended to contribute to sustainability and promote active togetherness. Migros Hiking Sounds is aware that the nine festival locations are not always easy to reach by public transport. For this reason, many participants travel by car. To avoid long traffic jams and lack of parking while reducing CO2 emissions, Migros Hiking Sounds emphasizes the ease of rental cars.

The popularity of rental cars in Switzerland is also reflected in a study by the Swiss Tourism Association. In 2019, approximately 16.2 million rental car trips were made in Switzerland (Mobility in Swiss Tourism 2019, STV). To meet this demand, Hertz offers the Yellow Card, which gives customers a 15% discount on any passenger car rental throughout Switzerland.

The Yellow Card is an ideal solution for those who want a worry-free and environmentally friendly journey. With Migros Hiking Sounds and Hertz, festival-goers can enjoy the beauty of nature without worrying about the logistical challenges of traveling by public transportation.

Do you also want to contribute to nature? Order your Hertz Yellow Card for free by entering the promo code YCMHS2023!